Location to place FODS Trackout Control System should correspond to the industry and to the project’s site management plan, in particular to the local council’s erosion and sediment control requirements.



New South Wales

Northern Territory


Western Australia

Consult site plans or call Dial Before You Dig before installation of the FODS system as anchor rods penetrate fairly deep into the soil. Underground utilities must be located and marked for the safety or your team and the public.

Once the FODS installation site has been established any uneven terrain should be levelled, removing large rocks and other solid debris in the process. While FODS will span over most obstacles, the flatter and smoother the terrain under the mats the more efficient and safe the FODS Trackout Control System will be.

FODS installation using pull bar on top of a rock base

STEP 1 : Place mats at proper position.

Installing the H bracket between the trackout control

STEP 2 : Add H bracket between mats.

Connecting the mats with a metal strap to keep them in place

STEP 3 : Connect mats with metal straps.

Site Access Point being connected together using metal straps

Anchoring the FODS together at the site access point

STEP 4: Anchor mats in place.

Anchoring the mats to the ground