Foreign Object Debris system


At JWA we have been supplying Australian industries with composite matting solutions for almost 20 years. We know that Australian conditions are tough and that the products you need to get the job done need to be even tougher. That’s exactly why we brought the ultra-tough FODS Trackout Control Mats (TCM) to Australia. Made from a durable, flexible, reusable and recyclable polymer; FODS are tried, tested and manufactured in the USA to stringent standards.

FODS was developed by a team of contractors and engineers who were frustrated with the costs of traditional trackout solutions like aggregate and wheel washes that were ultimately ineffective. They understood the need for a system that required less set-up and removal than aggregate, was more water-efficient than a wheel-wash and was environmentally friendly without costing the earth.

FODS Trackout Control Mats:

  • Remove and collect worksite debris from tyres

  • Proprietary design deforms tyres without causing damage, making mud and debris fall off

  • 30 minute rapid installation with minimal ongoing maintenance

  • Reusable - after cleaning, FODS Trackout Mats are ready for your next worksite - saving you time and money

  • FODS Trackout Mats are effective on any soil type

  • Made from a durable and flexible polymer to handle heavy wheeled machinery

  • FODS Trackout Mats are small enough to transport on a trailer and are joined together by hand on-site

  • Protects the ground from machinery reducing the need to re-turf at project completion

  • Environmentally friendly product - reusable and made from a 100% recyclable polymer